Introducing Anna Scott

"I love nothing more than connecting people with art. Helping others to to find the perfect work for them and their space.

Art has the power to change the mood of a room. The moment you enter a space an artwork can lead you by setting the tone of a space. I can help guide selection and placement to help create the tone of the space you want to experience."

Anna has been a teacher of Art and Photography for 15 + years and an artist by nature. As co-owner The Collaboration, this has helped Anna continue to push the boundaries of her own art as she helps to grow the creative connections of others. A regular exhibitor in a multitude of shows for over 15 years and part of the Taranaki Artist Trail for multiple years. 

Creative practice
Anna's illustrations are founded by the forest and texture. She typically works in organic shapes, connecting to life and nature. Pencil, ply and paint are frequented in her work. Photography and drawing with light is a favourite media of Anna's. Creating natural abstracts through Macro photography. A purist at heart with unedited imagery capturing light and shadows. She enjoys the challenge of always moving forward as an artist.

NZ bird life and native flora and fauna have been prominent in Anna’s work for a life time. Influenced as a young child exploring deep in the forests of national parks and having the privilege of seeing many endangered species. This has fostered a life long appreciation for our NZ fauna and all things living in our unique New Zealand environment.

Multimedia collage

Anna Scott

Anna is a teacher, artist and curator. A co-owner of a gallery... 

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